Dealers in:

Laminar Flow, Bio-safety Cabinets, PCR Work Stations, PCR Clean Spot chambers, Isolators & Anaerobic Chambers

Safety cabinets for storage of flammable chemicals

Glassware washers & disinfecting systems for Scientific & Health Care

Sterility & Disinfecting Equipments & Consumables

Bio-Hazard waste Management Systems Incl. Consumables like

Auto clave able bio-hazard bags

CO2 Incubators , Ovens , Table Top Sterilizers, Steam sterilizers, Complete CSSD Set up,

Analytical , Precision & Moisture Balances

Highly Absorbent Packaging Pouches for Bio-Hazard samples

Instruments for DNA & Protein synthesis

Syringe Needle burners, Cold light Sources with fibre optic cables &

CSSD accessories manufactured locally

Supply of pH/Ion Meters, Micro Pipettes, Pipette Calibration Software, Cautery Instruments & various laboratory equipments incl. Microscopes, Centrifuges, Ovens, Incubators, Water Baths,Water Stills etc.

Technical Training in laboratory equipments & consultation for complete laboratory setup for Diagnostic, Blood Banking & IVF



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